About Us

Who Is Mr. Golden Chimera?

As someone who’s been through the process of doing surveys and scouring sites that wasted time to find the best value, I’m here to make it easier for you.

After having our second kid, we quickly realized that day care was freaking expensive, so I started looking for easy ways to make some extra cash. I found Prolific and learned that I could make quick money by taking surveys and playing mobile games, which I was doing anyway!

I found more survey sites offering the same, signed up for a bunch of them and made $400 in my first month! Now, obviously, that’s not retirement money, but it helps soften the burden of the extra cost of daycare (and diapers, formula, wipes…)!

Through some trial and error, I’ve figured out what to expect from each site and developed a system so I can make money more efficiently and I want to share that with you!

Who is Mrs. Golden Chimera?

Mrs. Golden Chimera is the Wizard behind the curtain, the marketing and design mastermind behind the Golden Chimera brand. Mr. Golden Chimera said, “Hey, wouldn’t this be a cool idea for a website?” and she said, “Yep. Hold my beer and watch this”.

She created the logo, branding, website and runs the social accounts, so hop on over to give us a follow and say hi!

Mr Golden Chimera near Geysir in Iceland
At Geysir in Iceland
mrs golden chimera in iceland
Mrs. Golden Chimera at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland (We really like Iceland :))
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