Is Paid Viewpoint Legit? An Honest Review

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Why 4 Golden Chimeras, you ask? Well, if it’s good enough for Star Search, it’s good enough for us!

TLDR: Site where you improve your Traitscore to receive better rewards from market surveys.

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To distinguish themselves from other survey sites, Paid Viewpoint created TraitScore, which uses short surveys to promote consistent and honest responses for market research.  Earning a higher TraitScore will increase how much you’re paid for each survey. You can see my current TraitScore below with my earnings.

The Good

    • You will NOT get screened out for any survey. 
    • The payout threshold is low – you can redeem as soon as you hit $5.  However, the first time you cash out, you must reach $15, the second time $10 and after that, it’s $5.
    • The surveys are usually quick and are designed to take 5 or 6 minutes. If they are longer, you are typically compensated fairly.

The Bad

    • There aren’t as many surveys available as other sites.
    • There’s only an app for Android. iPhone users (like myself) are stuck with the mobile browser, but it works fine.
    • You can sign up for email notifications of new surveys, but if you rely on those, you will miss 90% of the surveys that are offered.  To get the most surveys, you’ll need to check the site or app periodically to see if there are any available. 

How I use Paid Viewpoint

I’m a fan of Paid Viewpoint.  While you may not make a lot, you can consistently earn each week.  I cash out when I hit the $5 threshold once or twice each week and it adds up. 

You can get a handful of surveys each day, but it depends entirely on how often you check the site.  It is my belief that every survey you’re given starts with screening questions and if you’re who they’re looking for, you continue on with the survey. If not, it becomes a Trait survey, you receive your 10 cents and a boost to your TraitScore.  

I keep Paid Viewpoint as the third open tab in my browser and I like that a red dot shows up on the tab to let you know there’s a survey available. 

Paid Viewpoint new survey notification

I was able to reach the maximum TraitScore of 10,000 in about 3 months of using the site.  Once you hit the 9000 mark you will start seeing a message saying you are earning more than average for each survey but I am not sure I saw a significant increase in earnings after reaching this milestone. 

Paid Viewpoint stating you're earning more with high Traitscore

How much have I earned from Paid Viewpoint?

Total 2023: $124.30
Lifetime (Since Jan 2023): $124.30*

Current TraitScore: 10,000 (out of a maximum of 10,000)

I always cash out as soon as I hit the $5 mark and PayPal payments come from


Paid Viewpoint PayPal Payout

*You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings.

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