Is YouGov Legit? An Honest Review

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Why 4 Golden Chimeras, you ask? Well, if it’s good enough for Star Search, it’s good enough for us!

TLDR: Site that offers surveys and data collection for points.  Beware – their point redemption threshold is very high.


YouGov is a survey site that seeks your opinion about a number of topics including politics, sports and entertainment. You can earn points from the surveys they send or by allowing them to collect data from online services you use. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards or cash via direct deposit to your bank account. 

Data Sharing WarningData Sharing Warning

To participate in YouGov’s Safe program, you’ll need to install a Google Chrome browser extension, which allows YouGov to download data from online services you choose to share. This is still a safe site to use, but if you feel uncomfortable sharing this information, you can read more about YouGov’s privacy statement here.

The Good

  • You will never get screened out of a survey.
  • There is an app for doing surveys on your phone and they will send you a notification when one is available. 
  • With their Chrome browser extension, you can share data from online services (like Netflix and Amazon Video) for additional points.

YouGov App Notification

The Bad

  • The payout threshold is high – you need to accumulate a minimum of 25,000 to redeem for a gift card (valued at $15). You only need to earn 5,000 more (30,000 points) to redeem for a $25 gift card. The next two redemption levels – 55,000 and 100,00 points – allow for cash direct deposits (as well as gift cards) of $50 or $100, respectively.
  • Surveys can be slow to receive, I receive an average of 2 per week.
  • I have experienced an annoying glitch which tells me I have a survey available, but I’m unable to take it or it says that I’ve already completed it. 

How I use YouGov

I generally complete each survey as they are sent to me on the phone app, but you can also complete them through their website. Also, once a week I’ll share the data from my streaming apps (via the Chrome extension) for additional points.  All told, I usually earn about 2,500 points per week. The down side is it took me nearly 6 months to earn enough for the $50 bank deposit.  If you are looking for something where you can cash out often, you probably want to skip YouGov.

How much have I earned from YouGov?

Total 2023: $50
Lifetime (Started Jan 2023): $50*

Cash payments are sent via direct deposit and are from “Hyperwallet”

YouGov Payout

*You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings.

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