November 2023 Earnings Report

Golden Chimera November Earnings Summary
2023 TOTAL EARNINGS  $3,603.95*

I hope you enjoyed watching my progress for the November $10/day Earnathon, particularly our celebration rave at the end! It was definitely a challenge, but pushed me to have my best month ever.  Please note that the amount reported here is money that I was actually paid in November, versus the money earned amounts that were posted in the challenge.

I get a small commission when you sign up for some programs through links in this post at no cost to you. This doesn’t affect my opinions, it just helps to keep this site up and running!

Where did I earn the most money this month?

Once again Swagbucks [Paid Link] tops the list of sites this month, coming in at $210.  However, overall it was very balanced, with most sites having better than average months.

How much did I make doing online surveys and tasks this month?

Overall, I earned $581.30* in about 40 hours. I don’t track all of the time, but a little over an hour per day is a fair estimate. It’s hard to estimate how much time I spend on gaming offers because I am often doing them while doing other things (I’m running a game right now, while I type this). The challenge really made me find the time each day to try to earn some extra money, and in the end it really showed in the results.  I think the only thing that kept me from hitting everyday this month (I did manage 27 of the 30 days), was Thanksgiving.  Family, I tell ya!

November earnings  $581.30

1. Swagbucks (Paid Link)  $210.00

Once again, the majority of these earnings were from gaming offers, including the following:

  1. Raid Shadow Legends  (PAID LINK) (The last tier of rewards) – $80.00
  2. Solitaire Classic Card Games – $16.00
  3. CSR2 Racing – $37.00 
  4. Game of Thrones Slots – $20.00

This month, I really leaned into attempting surveys on Swagbucks and it went about how I expected – not great. I attempted 30 surveys and managed to qualify for 9 (Sadly, 30% is actually a pretty good rate).  All told, I earned $11.21 in 99 minutes for an hourly rate of $6.79.

More information about Swagbucks to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

2. Prolific  $145.40

I definitely utilized Prolific more this month than in October. It seems to me (I have no real evidence, just the feeling), that more studies have been taking the full 21 days before they are auto approved. 

3. PrizeRebel  $55.00

I completed six surveys on PrizeRebel this month, which earned me $5.42.  I also completed the game offer for Mafia City ($46.48) on the OfferToro (which is now called Torox) wall. I will have to update my review of PrizeRebel, as it seems they have eliminated the daily bonuses.

4. Data Annotation  $47.53

Data Annotation is a different kind of platform from the others, where you train AI chatbots and more. I saw a little bump here from the $10/day Earnathon. It was nice to have work here on the weekends when other platforms like Prolific and Cloud Connect tend to be slow. Even better, there are often bonuses for working on projects during the weekend.

More information about Data Annotation to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

5. Cloud Research  $35.48

November was my best month from Cloud Research in quite some time. I was able to get some higher paying studies, but for the most part, their hourly rate is lower than Prolific. 

6. Measure Protocol (Paid Link)  $30.00

I said it last month and I will say it again, Measure Protocol seems to be changing their bonus system for Retro tasks monthly. I got the $10 bonus from completing the tasks in October, but now they are changing to more tasks and a smaller bonus ($4) at the end of the month for November.

More information about Measure Protocol to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

7. Meta Viewpoints  $30.00

I kept rolling right along with four more tasks for the Ad Relevance program in November. Each task took about 15 minutes to complete and were worth $5 each, providing a nice $20/hour that’s easy to do right on your phone. I also completed a couple of surveys for $5 each.

More information about Meta Viewpoints to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

8. Paid Viewpoint  $18.88

I showed some love to Paid Viewpoint this month and they were helpful with the $10/Day Earnathon. I didn’t track my time completing the surveys, but the hourly rate seemed to be about the same as previous months (about $8/hour).

9. Amazon Shopper Panel  $4.75

Unfortunately, I still have not been accepted to their receipt program (but I’ll keep checking… and checking…). I did much better this month, with five surveys (each taking less than a minute) for $2.75, and of course, the passive $2.00 from the ad verification program. I was included in a beta offer rewards program where they are looking for receipts for specific products, sadly none of which we use. Maybe I’ll have better luck next month!

10. Google Opinion Rewards  $4.26

I cashed out Google Rewards twice in November. About 5 minutes of work from 10-15 surveys got me $4.26! Nearly all of these surveys were a few questions about places I’d visited throughout the month.

11. YouGov  $0.00

While I did not cash out for YouGov this month, I did earn 10,690 points in November, which equates to $9.72 (based on cashing out for $50 when I reach the 55,000 point threshold).  The YouGov Safe extension was giving me issues with Amazon Prime, so I missed out on those points most of the month. BOO!!

I’ll be slowing things down in December as the holiday season takes over (I have Christmas inflatables to put up for the kids…and the wife, woo-hoo).

I’d like to start out January strong with another challenge – maybe $100/week this time! Follow us on the socials to stay up to date and join the challenge!

Christmas Decorations
Our Christmas decorations…so far…

Have no idea what I'm talking about?

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