September 2023 Earnings Report

Golden Chimera September Earnings Report
2023 TOTAL EARNINGS  $2555.50

I guess someone needed to wake me when September ended because it is halfway through October and we’re finally posting the September earnings report. 

I get a small commission when you sign up for some programs through links in this post at no cost to you. This doesn’t affect my opinions, it just helps to keep this site up and running!

Where did I earn the most money this month?

Once again, Prolific was my best paid site for the month bringing in $122.85*!  It was my best month for Measure Protocol since April and I actually got something to do from Meta Viewpoints. Swagbucks was a slow month, but I’ve definitely got some big offers coming in for October.   

How much did I make doing online surveys and tasks this month?

Overall, I earned $230.19 in about 30 hours*. I don’t track all of the time, but an hour per day is a fair estimate. I had less time to spend this month as I started training someone at my main job. Also, as we roll into Fall, our children feel the need to be sick…all…the…time. 

Hope your results were awesome!

September earnings  $230.19

1. Prolific  $122.85

September was a slightly better than average month for Prolific – I tracked some of my time completing studies and earned £76.27 in a little over 6 hours and 40 minutes, for an average hourly rate of £11.42 (about $13.25 an hour as of this posting).  This month got me over the $1000 mark for Prolific this year!

2. Swagbucks (Paid Link)  $25.00

I received credit for a couple of game offers that I did. I completed all the requirements for the mobile game War Machines for $22.70. War Machines is a fun tank game, but it requires your full attention to play, so unless you enjoy it (which I did) I would not recommend it from a $/hour standpoint. I also completed the first tier of the Phase10 game offer for $0.50. I stopped playing as I didn’t enjoy this one and it was difficult to reach even the first threshold for payment. 

I also completed three surveys for $1.50 and it took me a total of 17 minutes for a dismal rate of $5.29/hour.

I started some other mobile game offers which should credit in October, so I’m looking forward to a much bigger month ahead. More information about Swagbucks to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

3. Cloud Research  $21.17

I was able to get a few higher paying projects after seeing most in the $0.25 to $0.50 range. I did 11 studies in September and also received two small bonus payments that equaled $1.00 total. 

4. Measure Protocol (Paid Link)  $20.00

They made some changes to their Retro schedule and payments, giving me the best month for them since earlier this year (when they nerfed the Retro bonus). More information about Measure Protocol to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

5. Data Annotation  $13.34

Data Annotation is a different kind of platform from the others, where you train AI chatbots and more. I was only able to get in about 40 minutes in this month, but I’m going to attempt the $10/Day in November Challenge and I think DA will be good for completing some of those days. Follow us on the socials to track my progress! More information about Data Annotation to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

6. Paid Viewpoint  $12.56

I tracked the time I spent doing surveys on Paid Viewpoint this month (and the end of August). I earned $19.54 in 2 hours and 11 minutes for an hourly rate of $8.95. 

7. Google Opinion Rewards  $6.77

I cashed out for Google Rewards three times in September. It usually takes about 7 surveys to reach a cash out, so I did about 20 this month that probably took less than 10 minutes, so not too bad for $6.77!

8. Meta Viewpoints  $5.00

I was just about to give up on Meta Viewpoints when I got a program for the first time in 4 months. It was for 2 tasks of the Ads Relevance program. Easy $5 for about 15 minutes of work. More information about Meta Viewpoints to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

9. Amazon Shopper Panel  $3.50

I take a minute everyday to open the Amazon Shopper Panel to see if I have a survey or have been accepted to the receipt program (sadly, I still have not). I thought I was only going to get the $2 for the ad verification and then I got 3 quick surveys at the very end of the month. Probably about 3 minutes of work for $3.50 in Amazon credit.

10. YouGov  $0.00

While I did not cash out for YouGov this month, I did earn 10,030 points in September, which equates to $9.12 (based on cashing out for $50 when I reach the 55,000 point threshold).

11. PrizeRebel  $0.00

I only did one survey for Prize Rebel this month. Getting Golden Chimera up and running has taken time away from sites further down my list, like this one.

Have no idea what I'm talking about?

*You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings.

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