December 2023 Earnings Report

Dec 2023 Earnings Table
2023 TOTAL EARNINGS  $4,078.99

Happy New Year my friends! 2023 has come to a close and while I didn’t have a set goal for the year, eclipsing the $4,000 mark feels like a solid way to end it. In December, I was still reaping the rewards of the November $10/Day Earnathon as some of the tasks I completed during the challenge were paid out in this month.  Also, the category “Other” represents a few new sites I tried out, which I’ll get to in a bit.


I get a small commission when you sign up for some programs through links in this post at no cost to you. This doesn’t affect my opinions, it just helps to keep this site up and running!

Where did I earn the most money this month?

The new sites top the list this month – I tried out the site Kashkick (Paid Link) and was able to complete one of their gaming offers for $150*. Swagbucks (Paid Link) continues to lead the list of the usual suspects with $120.

How much did I make doing online surveys and tasks this month?

Overall, I earned $475.04 in about 40 hours*. I don’t track all of the time, but a little over an hour per day is a fair estimate. It’s hard to estimate how much time I spend on gaming offers because I am often doing them while doing other things (once again, I’m running one right now, because, of course I am).

December earnings  $581.30

1. Other  $225.50

I tried some new sites that turned out to be legit and was able to earn the following rewards for doing game offers (as well as joining bonuses) from each:

Sign up to hear how I do with these new sites next month!

2. Swagbucks (Paid Link)  $120.00

Once again the majority of these earnings were from gaming offers. I received credit from the following offers:

  • Pop Slots – $57.50
  • Words with Friends – $15.00 
  • Slots Era – $22.70  

I only attempted one survey on Swagbucks this month and did not qualify but received the $.01 for the attempt… woohoo! More information about Swagbucks to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

3. Prolific  $67.90

Prolific tends to slow down around the holidays as most of their studies are academic based and that slows way down over winter break.

4. Cloud Research  $17.10

We dropped the review of Cloud Research so go check it out. I did manage to catch another jury research study which represented most of my earnings this month, still my favorite thing to do out of everything I do to earn extra monies!

5. Data Annotation  $14.87

Data Annotation is a different kind of platform from the others, where you train AI chatbots and more. Not a whole lot of extra time to spend on here this month.  More information about Data Annotation to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

6. Measure Protocol (Paid Link)  $10.00

Measure Protocol looks to be keeping the $4.00 bonus for completing a certain number of data retro tasks each month. I received the bonus for November and will earn it again for December. More information about Measure Protocol to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

7. Meta Viewpoints  $10.00

Well the streak of tasks had to come to an end at some point I guess, I only received one more from Viewpoints at the beginning of the month and radio silence since. More information about Meta Viewpoints to come. Sign up to hear when it drops!

8. Google Opinion Rewards  $6.67

I cashed out Google Rewards three times in December. About 10 minutes of work from 15-20 surveys got me $6.67! Nearly all of these surveys were a few questions about places I’d visited throughout the month.

9. Amazon Shopper Panel  $3.00

Unfortunately, I still have not been accepted to their receipt program (but I’ll keep checking… and checking… and checking). I did two surveys (each taking less than a minute) for $1.00, and of course, the passive $2.00 from the ad verification program. I didn’t see anything new in the beta offer rewards program where they are looking for receipts for specific products.

10. Paid Viewpoint  $0.00

I went back and checked and was surprised to see I did not do a single survey from Paid Viewpoint in December. I think I was a little burnt out from November and found other platforms to work instead. I am sure I will be back at it in 2024.

11. YouGov  $0.00

While I did not cash out for YouGov this month, I did earn 11,990 points in December, which equates to $10.90 (based on cashing out for $50 when I reach the 55,000 point threshold). The YouGov Safe extension seems to be back in working order. Also, I am very close to cashing out so looking forward to that in January.

11. PrizeRebel  $0.00

I didn’t do anything with PrizeRebel this month as I was exploring other options since it seems PrizeRebel has eliminated its bonuses and may no longer be worth it.


I definitely did less in December and it was nice spending extra time celebrating with our little ones. I wanted to do a challenge to start the year but my day job decided to crush me with work to begin the year so I am hoping to do a $100/week challenge for February. I was thinking that would work out perfectly since February is exactly four weeks long… except on leap years… which it is… stupid leap years…

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